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Transmittal Reports are used to submit paper pledges forms electronically to CVC. Please do not mail transmittal reports, paper pledges forms, or special event forms to the CVC Office. Retain paper pledge cards at your agency according to the Library of Virginia retention schedule.
The deadline to submit Transmittal Reports for the 2022 Campaign has ended. You may still mail CVC Cash/Check Donations to the CVC lockbox with a Deposit slip detailing the designations.

Mailing Address for CVC Deposits

Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign

PO Box 91750, Richmond, VA 23291-1750

Payroll Deductions paper pledges must be submitted to your payroll office directly. Your payroll office must submit a copy of the payroll deduction pledge to CVC at
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After submission, you will receive a copy of this Transmittal Report by email.
Search by Name or Agency Code
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Please submit only one deposit per transmittal. If you have multiple deposits, please submit a separate transmittal report for each deposit.
Print a Deposit Slip
For cash/check deposit instructions and to print a bank deposit slip click here.
Process a Credit Card Payment
After processing, record the Transaction ID on the paper pledge form. 
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Transmittal Summary
Summarize the funds collected by payment type and enter your totals below.

Use this form to key each individual pledge card and special event form. 

Must be zero to submit report
Gift Entry
Paper pledge donors who have provided their email address will receive a CVC email acknowledgement confirming receipt of their paper pledge. Please be sure to collect donor email addresses on paper pledge forms.

Payroll deduction pledges must have an Employee ID.