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Transmittal Reports used to submit paper pledges to CVC. Transmittal Reports are only accepted electronically using this form. Please do not mail forms to the CVC office.  


Pledge card data must be keyed and submitted electronically using our online form. If your agency has an online giving system Excel may be used. 


The Excel Template is available here.

Using Excel is only recommended if your agency has it's own online giving system. Please do not manually key pledge data into Excel. 
You may further secure you spreadsheet by password protecting the document. If your document is password protected, please complete the contact us form with your name, date of this report, and your password. Please do not include your password within this form submission.

If you are keying pledge cards, please select the "Online Form" option above. Excel may only be used if your agency has an online giving system where you are copying and pasting system generated data into the template
Instructions for Coordinators:
  1. After submission, you will receive a copy of this Transmittal Report by email. 
  2. Deposits by cash, check, or money order should be deposited into a CVC bank account or mailed to CVC's Suntrust lockbox address: Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign, PO Boc 91750, Alexandria, VA 23291-1750. When mailing funds to the lockbox, include this coversheet. Convert cash to a money order or check before mailing. If your agency needs deposit slips, please email your request to
  3. Paper pledge donors who have provided their email address will receive a CVC email acknowledgement confirming receipt of their paper pledge. Please be sure to collect donor email addresses on paper pledge forms.
  4. Confirm all pledge cards include the Employee ID.
  5. To process credit card payments go to the Resources page on and select the Donate button. Please be sure to record the Transaction ID on the paper pledge form. The Transaction ID will be needed for this Transmittal Report. Please be sure the Transaction ID and employee's signature appears on their pledge form. After processing, please redact (mark-out) the employee's credit card number, leaving only the last 4 digits. Also mark out the csv code (3 digit code from back of card).
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Special Events

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Paper Pledge Cards

Use this form to key each individual pledge card.If you have a large batch, you may save and continue this form as needed. You will receive an email with a link to resume this form. 
Pledge Card Entry

To process a credit card, go to the Resources page on and select the Donate button. Record the Transaction ID in this field.

Transmittal Report Review

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