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This form allows state employees to submit receipts to CVC from their own Direct Giving contributions to count towards their agency and designated charity fundraising goal. The act of giving needed to occur between January 1st and December 31st of the current giving year. Employees may report direct giving from the 2019 calendar year using them form through February 1, 2020. 

What is Direct Giving?

Direct Giving occurs when a donation is given directly to a CVC approved charity but are not processed through CVC. To report direct giving to CVC, receipts provided to you from the Charity are required. Receipts must contain 1) Name of the Charity 2) Donor's Name 3) Donation Date 4) Amount of Contribution or Value & Detailed Description of Items 

Please note: CVC can not calculate your donation value. This should be provided by the charity on your receipt. 

 Thank you for your continued support!
Donor Information

Direct Give Charity Donations

Please select your Charity Designation(s). 
CVC Codes have changed for the 2019 Campaign. The new CVC codes begin with a 2. For an easier search, the prior year CVC codes have also been provided below in parenthesis for reference. 


A valuation amount must be written on the receipt. CVC can not assist with valuing your Direct Give, please be sure to receive this information in the form of receipt from the charity at the time of the donation. Please do not submit pictures of items.

Examples of Direct Giving:

  • Donations of clothing, canned goods, food, vehicles, appliances, property, toys, or gift cards, directly donated to the charity.
  • Donations for Angel Tree, Silver Bells, Christmas Mother and Toys for Tots, etc. 
  • Direct monetary donations directly submitted to the charity.
  • Purchase of a charitable item (girl scout cookies, commemorative wristbands/items, etc).
  • Participation in a charity run, spaghetti meal or pancake breakfast, where money was given for a ticket or entry, etc. - All attendee names for each ticket purchase must be listed.

Items not accepted
  • Time volunteered and blood donations are currently not eligible for Direct Giving credit. 
  • Store receipts. Please donate the items to the charity and use the receipt to report Direct Giving.
  • Handwritten receipts are not recommended but will be reviewed independently.