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Please register your Special Event with CVC at least 2 weeks prior to date of your event. Your event will be assigned a unqiue event ID and will be added to CVC's roster of approved fundraising events. Special Events should only be held for CVC approved charities.  

Thank you for volunteering! 

Instructions: Thank you for registering your Special Event with CVC! You may use Employee Paper Pledge Cards or the Special Event log to keep track of donations received at your Special Event. Once your event is completed please submit the Special Event Form showing your charity designations for the funds collected to your Agency Coordinator.  

New for 2019! You can now accept Credit Cards at your Special Event! 

You will receive your unique payment link after submitting this form. Your donors will need this link to submit a credit card payment towards your Special Event. Donors will receive an emailed receipt and the Fundraiser/Event Coordinator will receive a confirmation email with the donor's name, email, and donation amount.

Please provide additional details about your event here.
Fundraisers/Event Coordinators may be acknowledged by their designated charity for the funds raised from their Special Event. Individuals donors are not acknowledged for special event donations. 
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